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Helping Hand Society in Afghanistan is a non-profit without any political affiliation and only works as a humanitarian charitable forum. The Society was founded in 2009 and was legally registered with Ministry of Justice under License No. 3929. Since inception, the society has consistently expanded its service and intends to cover a bigger number of clients in need.




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Our Services

Helping Hand Society is providing a range of services to its beneficiaries.

HHS Setting up Business

Setting Up Businesses


Entrepreneurship and small businesses have been central in fighting poverty and the national recovery of Afghanistan. Entrepreneurs and small businesses create new jobs and employ local residents and play a pivotal role in creating a unique sense of place that enhances a community’s quality of life. Through a unique and thorough method…


Regular Food Packages


While we have focused on providing a kind service to Afghan less fortunate families to make them independent and self-reliant, we have not forgotten other families in urgent need of basic food, education and other financial assistance. Our Monthly Food Package facilities are provided to those families who are unable…


Education And Tuition


Affording education has been a challenge for even Afghan families who believe in sending their children to school and furthering their education. In order to resolve this issue, HHS assesses families who do not send their children to school due to financial problems. We motivate the families and their children to go to School and continue their education …


Patients Treatments

Helping Hand Society supports patients who are unable to cover the costs of their treatment both in and out of country. The patients are treated in country initially and in case they have very serious problem which could not be treated in Afghanistan then they are sent to Pakistan, India and Turkey…


Ramadan Packages

Helping Hand Society has a special Ramadan package for all its beneficiaries and other less fortunate people during the holy month of Ramadan which almost covers the basic food needs of the month. The food packages are distributed on first week of Ramadan. Our organization is an…


Eid Clothing

Muslims across the world are in celebratory mood as they bid the month of Ramadan farewell with Eid-el-Fitr festivities. Eid-ul-Fitr is a day of thanksgiving and jubilation as it signifies the successful completion of the sacred month of Ramadan. This festival marks the completion of an act of duty and devotion….

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