Helping Hand Society in Afghanistan is a non-profit without any political affiliation and only works as a humanitarian charitable forum. The Society was founded in 2009 and was legally registered with Ministry of Justice under License No. 3929. Since inception, the society has consistently expanded its service and intends to cover a bigger number of clients in need. The Society is governed by a Board of Directors selected from the community that it serves. The Board membership represents a wide range of talent and expertise and is elected by the Society membership. Helping Hand Society is funded solely by donations from generous people who understand the value of giving and sharing their more fortunate situation. We exist to help orphaned, poor, exploited and other marginalized people and families and we believe individuals or families must be helped during sickness, crisis or times of hardship,. By supporting our charity you are making a conscious decision to improve the lives of children and their families in Afghanistan and as consequence communities around the world, who benefit from your generosity.


Our mission is to improve and build the economic conditions of families in need of social and economic assistance and also to engage Afghanistan in the fight to end poverty and build prosperity for our people.


To ensure no child grows up without education in Kabul


Individuals or families must be helped during

sickness, crisis or times of hardship



There are thousands of families across the country who do not have enough food to eat every day, whose children do not attend school, live in slums, suffer from untreated diseases, never get the opportunities to progress and build a fulfilling life and often have their life shortened. These families have no one to turn to, and little opportunity to build a future for themselves. Over the last 3 years, we have been working tirelessly to support a number of these families, and can witness with humility what a helping hand can do to support families in need.

Helping Hand Society has set up the following goals in order to eliminate poverty in the society of Afghanistan:

  1. Offering education opportunities for children of the families who cannot afford keeping their children at school or further education;
  2. Delivering medical services and health packages to families in need of medical support;
  3. Providing food for families who cannot sustain themselves through disability or circumstances;
  4. Improving of economic condition of extremely poor Afghan families through setting up small businesses;