Setting up Businesses

Entrepreneurship and small businesses have been central in fighting poverty and the national recovery of Afghanistan. Entrepreneurs and small businesses create new jobs and employ local residents and play a pivotal role in creating a unique sense of place that enhances a community’s quality of life. Through a unique and thorough method, HHS identifies potential entrepreneurs in Afghanistan and trains and supports them in their path of establishing their own businesses.

In HHS, we have focused our attention in offering assistance for families who have one member who is able to work and run a business. In delivering such assistance, we pay specific attention to create opportunities to women and young girls in each family for self-sustenance. We offer consultancy service to families in order to discover family members’’ interest, knowledge and experience, then we guide them through appropriate channels. We also provide financial support in establishing businesses and connect business owners to financial resources in our network.

There are regular follow up programs after business establishment with the families, to ensure the safeguard of assets, well run of operations and giving advice whenever required for long term sustainable reliance.

HHS Setting up Business